Horner Basketball floor


Choosing an Athletic Wood Floor

No matter what type of Sports flooring system you settle on for your facility, Horner flooring needs to be listed in your specifications to ensure the most competitive high valued bid for all your sports flooring needs.

Sports Flooring Definitions

Floating System

Wood subfloor assembly that is not directly attached to the underlying concrete.

Fixed System

Wood subfloor assembly that is directly attached to the underlying concrete.

Fixed Resilient System

Wood Subfloor assembly systems that are restrained by attachments mounted to the underlying concrete slab while maintaining resilient qualities.


Performance standards designed for measuring athletic floor performance. 

Choosing an Athletic Wood System

It can seem confusing, but after you answer these 4 simple questions the answer becomes pretty clear.
  1. Who will compete on the floor?  Elementary ~ Middle/High School ~ College/Pro 
  2. What sports will compete on the floor? Basketball ~ Volleyball ~ PE Class ~ Other
  3. At what level is cost and durability an issue? Low budget ~ Value Budget ~ Prestige Budget 
  4. Will the floor be part of a new construction project or is it part of a renovation project?

Narrowing it Down to Your Needs

With over 38 variations of different flooring systems in our product line we can meet any specification so please contact us for a FREE NO-HASSLE CONSULATION.

Why Having Horner in Your Public Bid Can Make Dollars and Sense

Horner will make sure your facility gets the most competitive bidding environment possible. With Horner’s national network of approved installers and with a track record of over 11,000 in the ground since 1980 alone, you can be assured your school will get what you need at a bid price you deserve. Honest pay for honest work – that is what has made Horner the leader is sports flooring since 1891.

Contact your design professional and please recommend Horner to be specified in your bid